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It’s All in the Details – Memory Stitching on Sheer Pinch Pleated Panels

Recently I was asked by a decorator to add “memory stitching” in the hems of a set of sheer pinch pleat panels we constructed for a client in the Barton Creek area of Austin, Texas. I had no idea at that point what “memory stitching” actually was. After posting the question on a workroom forum, and several comments later, I still was not sure. Turns out a “memory stitch” is a long running stitch that is sewn to the top of the hem at the stitch line that is knotted on either side of the fold. The threads between the fold are each the exact length of the distance between the pleats at the top of the panel (pleat spacing), so that when the curtain is closed, the pleats hang perfectly and hold an even fullness.

Here are a few photos of the finished product.  This is a close up of what the stitching looks like from the underside of the drapery panel. Thread is doubled through the needle and knotted, run through the panel, then knotted on either end, etc.

memory stitching







As you can see, the panel hangs with perfect spacing between the folds when closed. We used a double 5″ hem on the panels.










Just another view from top to bottom of the drapery hanging with even fullness on the rod. It’s never too late to learn something new!!


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