Some time ago, on behalf of my mother, I contacted Lisa for seven replacement pillow shams of various sizes. Her response was fast and courteous. Lisa’s estimate was professional, detailed and reasonably priced. We asked her to do the job and, well within her estimated time of completion, we received seven impeccably tailored pillow shams that fit like gloves on their respective pillow forms.

The key to why this job of seven simple pillow shams is so outstanding is that Lisa completed this job from almost 200 miles away, with nothing to go by but my amateur drawings and measurements accompanied by emails. The fabrics we had chosen are not easy ones to work with, nor are they forgiving, but Lisa’s seams, linings and hidden zippers were flawless. Over a year later, the shams are holding up beautifully.

If a cut above is what you’re looking for, this is your girl. THANK YOU, LISA!