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Thrift Store Find to Heirloom Pillow

Every once in awhile you get the chance to make something really fun and fabulous. Recently I was afforded this opportunity when a client purchased an old pillow from a local thrift store for a mere $3.00. She could see the time and love that someone had once put into this piecework and envisioned bringing it back to life. After a delicate hand wash and deconstruction, this is what we had to work with; a bright and intricately crocheted 18″ square in yellow, cream and orange.

So many different stitches and textures. Someone spent alot of time creating this art canvas!


After thinking it over for a bit, I decided the easiest way to recreate this into a pillow was to applique it first to another fabric, then border it somehow to hide the fraying fabric canvas used to attach the crocheted thread to. After scouring several sites and stores, I decided on a 7/8″ woven hemp tape in orange by D’Kei trims. It complimented the color scheme and stayed true to the textural theme of the piece.

First I baste-stitched the pillow to a fleece type fabric in cream, then applied two-sided tape to the trim. Once the border was in place, I stitched the trim in place using a zipper foot.

Next, I opted to insert a zipper into the back of the pillow, as this stitching was delicate, and if it ever needed to be cleaned again it would most certainly be easier to do so if the insert was removable.

Once the zipper was sewn into the back of the pillow, I carefully sewed to front to back, leaving a small amount of fabric past the orange trim (one more small border

After turning the whole thing inside out, I tacked the trim by hand where it needed it, just to make sure the border was sewn securely all the way around the pillow.












My customer was pleased with the end result. Here is the pillow in it’s new home!

“Love the pillow- this is the chair it will call home eventually ūüôā Thanks again!” – Lorraine F.

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